How To Buy Hosting And Domain Services in 2020

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How To Buy Hosting And Domain Services

How To Buy Hosting And Domain Services in 2020

There are a lot of providers of domain names and hosting services on the web, you can even buy a domain name from a provider and hosting from another. The easiest way to go is to get both from the same provider, you can even get discounts if you do it that way.

Where To Buy Hosting and Domain Services

Below is a list of hosting providers from where you can choose from. Those companies offer some of the most popular services you can find on the web. We have picked them because of their reliability.

Each one of those companies has similar offerings, but if you look closely their plans may have different features. Some differences you can’t see in the plans, like how good is their customer services, how easy is it to work with their panel, and so on. You need to take a look at the features of each plan from each provider and then choose wisely according to your needs and economy.

In general, hosting services and domain names are paid yearly, some providers let you buy monthly hosting services but with extra fees. In my opinion, the best you can do is to get the longest contract available and get discounts, that way you will save some money. Usually, it means a 3-year contract. Later if you need to change your hosting plan, you can do it at any time and they will charge you a fee for the difference in the price of the contract for the time left.

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How To Buy Hosting And Domain Name Services – Step By Step

The process is similar on every provider, we will use Siteground in this article because we like their services.

If you follow the link for Siteground you will get the following page. Choose Web Hosting so you can have a variety of options that can be useful for you in the future.

Web Hosting

Then on the next page, you have to pick the contract you want to get according to specs and price. Usually, we avoid the StartUp contract because it limits us to scale without changing hosting plans in the future, while the GrowBig Plan allows us to create multiple websites using the same Hosting Plan. You can choose whatever fits your needs the best.

How To Buy Hosting Services

Once you have picked the specs of your hosting service you have to select if you want to get a new domain, which you do.

Using the tips on how to select a good domain name, try different domain names until you find the perfect one that is available.

How To Buy Hosting Services

After you find an available domain name that fits your project, you have to add some required personal data.

How To Buy Hosting Services

Then, you have to pick the duration of your contract, as we said before the longer the better, at this moment you can buy as many years as you want with discount prices, now that means $5.95 each month. Usually hosting services charge you the regular fee when you renew your contract, it means $19.95 for each month at the moment. So do the math.

Siteground gives you the possibility to add a couple of services that are not mandatory, like Domain Privacy and Site Scanner. Usually, I skip those 2.

Domain Privacy: what it does is to hide your personal data like name and email on the whois services, that way you avoid spamming on your email account. If you configure well your email account and don’t pay attention to any weird email that passes through it won’t be necessary.

Site Scanner: this is just an antivirus service. If you do things right in your WordPress site, it won’t be necessary either.

How To Buy Hosting Services

Finally, you just have to click on Pay Now and fill the payments form. Use the payment method of your preference. Credit card, PayPal and more are available.

How To Buy Hosting Services

Congratulations!!! you just purchase your hosting and domain services. You now just need to configure your hosting account, install WordPress or the CMS of your liking, and create your website.

We have a complete guide on How To Build A Website From Scratch. Take a look at it.

If you need help with your website just tell us what you need.

Keep in touch!!!